Director & Writer

Hi I’m Carl, a director, writer and editor based in Southern Africa. I have worked on commercials and short films for large global brands and organisations such as ABSA, P&G, Vodafone, Jameson and UNICEF.

My work is narrative driven with an authentic touch and always culturally sensitive. 

I hold a degree in film from AFDA film school as well as a degree in development studies from UNISA. My interest in development led me to create a number of advocacy videos for UNICEF and UNTFHS. 

Having a personal relationship with multiple sports disciplines I enjoy directing sport orientated pieces. Exploring what drives sports professionals and showcasing their tenacity and discipline.

having run my own production company in Lesotho, I am highly organised and have experienced many roles such as executive producer, producer and director capacities. I am well versed in all areas of film-making. Regardless of limitations I know how to make do with what I have. It’s not what you got, but what you do with what you got.

“Film is the ice cream for the eye to taste,the sofa chair for the heart to sit on.” (Huang Jiamo,1933)

Carl Houston Mc Millan