Story comes first

Director and writer living between Lesotho and South Africa

Hi I’m Carl a director, with a global outlook and cultural sensitivity. A keen learner of Chinese and adventure sports lover.

I have directed Commercials and Films for large Global Brands and organisations such as P&G, Vodafone, UNICEF, FAO and the EU.

My work is narrative driven with an authentic touch. Having a personal relationship with multiple sports disciplines I enjoy directing sport orientated pieces. Exploring what drives sports professionals and showcasing their tenacity and discipline.

Here is a little bit about me.

I grew up in Lesotho, although of Irish decent. Lesotho is where I completed my primary and secondary school. I really appreciate my intercultural childhood having attended international schools. I feel it has helped in developing a humble understanding of different cultures.

I graduated from AFDA film school in 2009 with awards for Best Director and Writer. I have since gone on to direct commercials and short Films all with a very local flavour. Seeing a Gap in Lesotho for a Production Company I started “Happycow Productions” and have since been producing and directing local Sesotho Commercials.

I have learnt to manage my own budgets and work under many constraints. I appreciated this learning, thus forcing me to be innovative, decisive, and think on the spot as a Director. Regardless of limitations I know how to make do with what I have.

It’s not what you got, but what you do with what you got.

BA in Motion pictures medium, major directing and writing, AFDA 2010

BA in Development studies, UNISA 2015

A few of the lovely clients I have done work for.



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Carl Houston Mc Millan
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