Shebeen Queen

An quirky experimental short film about love.
This is more of a formalist film as apposed to realist film.
Some times reality in its self isnt good enough it needs to be shaped spiced and styled.
shot on 16mm film
completed in 2009

Vocies of Basotho

This short documentary was made for the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS). Its a platform for people to share their fears, dreams and feelings about their surrounding environment and day-to-day reality.

Voices of Basotho reflect on key questions about development and the quality of life in Lesotho through a mosaic of Basotho citizens ́ testimonies.

I used a board placed behind the interviewees, later on the board slides away revealing their location and environment. I didn’t want audiences to judge the people on their surrounding, but rather focus on what is being said. when the board slides, drops and sometimes falls we then get to see where they physically stand.


Khayapa is a short film about the innocence of youth.
It was a co-winner of the 90 day project film festival,one of its requirements of the competition was to cast a child in a lead role. Filmed in Grassy park Cape Town.

Carl Houston Mc Millan
Contact +266 56 6210 39