I have always wanted to create a video for Morena Leraba in the highlands of Lesotho. I am blown away by how he gives a voice to and celebrates Lesotho’s unique shepherd culture. And then I saw the Jameson Music Video Grant call for entries and thought it was a great initiative that offers support for independent musicians and filmmakers.

The specific song, Impepho (meaning incense), is a powerful high-energy track that was created through inter-continental collaboration between Trap Funk & Alivio (Brazil), Morena Leraba (Lesotho) and ManKind (South Africa). The lyrics pay homage to the artists’ heritage. It’s a bit of a boasting track, but the boasting isn’t about “what I have”, it’s about “who I am”. Basotho shepherds are proud, strong and kind, and their story deserves to be documented and shared with the rest of the world. And with this music video we, hope to do just that.

Thanks to Jameson South Africa for believing in this project.


Carl Houston Mc Millan
carl@carlhm.com +266 56 6210 39