A quirky short film from Lesotho: Insured is about two insurance brokers struggling to sell a new insurance product called livestock cover. Failing to make a sale they fear loosing their jobs and come up with an idea.

Why I made this film?
I wanted to make an entertaining short comedy set in Lesotho. I find that too many short films take on serious topics and have depressing endings. I enjoy comedy and want to explore more of it in my work, especially character driven quirky comedy that does not rely too heavily on plot.  I also made this film to enter it into the My Rode Reel film competition. It was self funded and made with a very small crew.

Where did the idea come from?
I was inspired by a real insurance product called ‘livestock cover’ that was advertised in Lesotho. This made me wonder, I didn’t see much success in the product and it got me thinking. I then thought about two insurance brokers struggling to sell this product- they are good salesmen but even the best sales men won’t always succeed. I can only imagine the stress of working for commission with high targets to meet.

Carl Houston Mc Millan
carl@carlhm.com +266 56 6210 39