Tsepo Olympic Runner
Tsepo Mathibelle

This commercial was done back in 2012 before the London Olympics. It was a personal project I embarked on with my good friend and DOP Christian Denslow. We wanted to highlight the athletes who were represening Lesotho in the London Olympics. After meeting Tsepo and learning of his dificultys and circumstances we focused on him. Tsepo and his twin brother Tsepang ran for a living to support them selves and their parents. He had a terrible race in London but finnished. Since then Tsepo’s life has changed thanks to Samsung who have supported him, and taken him to the Kenya to one of the top training camps. The Olympics in Rio 2016 will be a very different race for Tsepo.

Tsepo recently featured in a documentary from Academy Award® Winner Morgan Neville titled  “A fighting chance”.



Tsepo Mathibelle in A Fighting Chance, from Academy Award® Winner Morgan Neville in partnership with Worldwide Olympic Partner Samsung


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